7-Day Ginger Germinal Serum

Worrying about your bald spot when going out? This 7-Day Ginger Germinal Serum works like a charm to instantly heal and regrow your hair!

Ginger is proven to stimulate hair follicles, which in turn promotes hair growth

Not only does it thickens your hair volume, it revitalizes and strengthens your hair follicles ensuring a healthy scalp. 


✔ Accelerates hair growth: Apply on balding areas to stimulate hair growth and increases the thickness of each hair strand by 33%!
✔ Repairs damaged follicles: It repairs and ensures the proper scalp nutrition needed to grow healthy hair. Keeps your scalp from itchiness and dryness.
✔ Prevents future severe hair-loss from the production of DHT. ( a damaging compound that causes follicles to shrink)
✔ Has natural ingredients that are safe and proven effective to use on the scalp.
✔ Fast Results: Repairs the scalp and hair follicles as fast as 7 days and visible hair growth can be seen as little as 4 weeks.


Main Ingredients: Ginger extract, Ginseng extract, Soy, Wheat germ
Net Weight: 30 ml


1 x 7-Day Ginger Germinal Serum