The Ultimate Secure Bike Phone Holder

$49.99 $24.99

Complete Freedom to Access Your Phone as You Ride!

When you attach your phone to your bike, the one thing you want to know is that it’s going to be safe and secure. And with the BikyMounty phone holder, you won’t have to worry.

This is the most secure and protective phone holder on the market—so now you can enjoy the freedom of full access to your phone with complete peace of mind.

The BikyMounty holds any phone, from the smallest handsets right up to giant phablets, and securely grips the phone in place on the handlebar. Attach the holder in minutes—no tools needed!

With its universal design, it fits any handlebars. As long as the handles are round, it fits. Once it’s ready, just slot your phone into the secure and shockproof grip in seconds and you’re ready to hit the road.

Holds Almost Any Handsets:

Handset Width: From?2.5” to 3.8″ (6.4cm to?9.6cm)
Handset Height: From 4.8″ to?7.3″ (12.2cm to 18.6cm)
Handset Thickness: From?0.3” to 0.6″ (0.8cm to 1.5cm)

Now Available—Mirror Bar Version!

Remove the mirror on your motorbike and the phone holder attaches using a special mount which screws into the mirror to provide the same secure fit.

  • Secure 4-corner grip keeps your phone firmly in place on bumpy rides
  • Anti-slip design means there is no chance of your phone slipping out the tight grip
  • 360-degree rotation means you can turn your phone whichever way you need
  • Use for virtually any phone of any size, including phablets, with the adjustable clamp
  • Attach your phone to the mount in seconds and release it just as quickly
  • Attaches to almost any handle, including bikes, motorbikes, and even strollers
  • Enjoy full access to your screen, volume buttons and charging port

The last thing you want to be worrying about when riding your bike is whether your phone is safe. With the BikyMounty securely attached to your bike or motorbike, you can go anywhere and enjoy the freedom of the open road with full access to your phone—without any fear of it getting damaged.

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The Ultimate Secure Bike Phone Holder

$49.99 $24.99